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Acid Regeneration
acid regeneration

Hansen Engineering offers complete design packages for both sliding bed and spray roaster acid regeneration as well as design packages for high speed pickling lines.

Spray Roaster and Sliding Bed Acid Regeneration

Hansen Engineering offers complete design engineering packages for spray roaster and sliding bed acid regeneration plants designed to fit individual plant size and production requirements. This design package includes foundation, steel building, roaster, oxide storage, packaging and acid absorption system design for the entire acid plant. This complete drawing package also includes the following:

-Complete procurement list for all recommended items and recommended spare parts list
-Complete requirements for PLC and HMI including loops, operator controls, indicators, operator manual controls, startup/shutdown and operation manual
-Approval of all contractors' fabrication drawings and will work closely with PLC/HMI/MCC contractor for software and hardware
-On site visits at the start of the project, midway, near completion and after startup or as often as required
-Iron oxide marketing assistance is available
-Complete project management available

Acid Regeneration
Acid Regeneration
Acid Regeneration
Acid Regeneration

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