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RB20 Fiberglass Compound

Hansen Engineering offers RB20-400 Fiberglass compound for a variety of applications. RB20 Fiberglass is a durable, yet easy to maintain material that can withstand high temperatures and rough environments.

RB20 Fiberglass maintains its structural integrity in high temperature situations. A 2” sheet of our RB20 Fiberglass can take hours of abuse from a propane torch. RB20 fiberglass does not support flame, and emits very little white smoke.

Another positive aspect of RB20 Fiberglass is its ease of maintenance. Most fiberglass repairs can be conducted on the spot, so disassembly and removal of the product is unnecessary. Repairs to the RB20 Fiberglass typically will cure within 6 hours.

fiberglass compounds
Venturi with a 20" throat.
This unit has been in service for 1 year.

Other Benefits of RB20 Fiberglass:

  • Excellent for high temperature applications:
    • 600*F Continuous
    • 700*F 2 months Continuous
    • 800*F 1 week Continuous
    • 1400*F Hour
  • Material will not crack warp or soften
  • High insulation characteristics; coating = 6 fiberglass insulation
  • Will withstand any acids such as HCL and H2SO4.
  • Material will stick to concrete, steel, wood or rubber without preparation and may be applied in adverse weather conditions.
  • Material can be cast up to 4 thick.
  • UV stabilized. Can withstand extreme low temperatures and temperature fluctuations.
  • Ideal for Venturi Scrubber and other heat exposed FRP units.
  • Algae, airborne bacteria, and barnacle resistant.
fiberglass compounds
Our venturi with a 12" I.D. throat, has been in operation since 1999. Has been exposed four times to excessive heat (fires that burnt downstream FRP parts).
fiberglass compounds
This RB20 piece (the red area) has been through a large fire and years of exposure to the elements.

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