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High Speed Pickling Design

Hansen Engineering also offers complete design engineering packages for high speed wet section pickling lines. This design is able to meet the following typical specifications:

200m/min (660 ft/min)
Strip Size: 700mm (27") - 1650mm (65")
Thickness of Strip: 1.2mm - 5.5mm (0.047" - 0.217")
Average Strip Size: 1300mm x 2mm (51" x 0.8")
Length of Wet Section 100' (30.3 meters)
Total Length of Pickling Line with Speed Loops 400' (121 meters)

high speed pickling

Hansen Engineering's design package will include the following:
-Acid tank and rinse tanks, supports, piping, pumps, valves, heat exchangers and strainers
-Water jet blasters at entry and exit of rinse and air knives
-Wringer roll sets, pinch roll sets and containment boxes
-Scrubber system
-Acid proof coatings
-Detailed wet section operation manual
-Detailed guides for the development of PLC and HMI software

Although we specialize in very high speed pickling, we are able to quote design packages for a complete short and fast pickling line.

Please contact us for a quote on the above systems, we offer low cost complete design engineering packages.

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