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Scrubber Systems

Hansen Engineering offers complete scrubber design packages as well as turnkey packages for Venturi Scrubbers, Scrubber Systems and In-Line Stack Scrubbers for the removal of HCl, NOx, and SO3 / SO2 emissions.

Scrubber System
A basic system for HCl pickling lines meeting a general standard of under 15 ppm HCl on dry matter emission with typical under 3 ppm operating condition. This system will not only reduce HCl emission to very low levels but will also eliminate acid moisture droplets and subsequently eliminate roof and building corrosion problems.

Venturi Scrubber
This Venturi Scrubber has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 600°F. It has a maximum inlet operating temperature of 1400°F. This system has a titanium adapter with one or more flanged spray bars, automatic level control and level sight glass. This system has a scrubbing efficiency of 95-98% with 5" WC- 10" WC pressure drop.

In-Line Stack Scrubbers
Hansen Engineering also offers design and turnkey packages for In-Line Stack Scrubbers for the removal of HCl, NOx and SO3 / SOx emissions. These stack scrubbers will effectively remove droplets, will prevent corrosion of roofs and walls and has low operation and maintenance costs as there are no pumps required. The HCl scrubber will remove HCl fumes to below required EPA levels and it will also prevent HCl fumes from reentering the building. The Nitric and Sulfuric scrubber will reduce NOx and SO3 / SOx emissions by at least ten times.

scrubber system

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