167 Laidley's Run Road
West Alexander, PA 15376


Hansen Engineering processes domestic red iron oxide from HCl acid regenerators for quality classification and screening into 1 ton superbags and 50 pound bags for use in primer paints, roof shingles granules, bricks and concrete coloring. Also processed is domestic black iron oxide from steel wheelerabrator processing lines for quality classification, screening into superbags and 50 pound bags for use in automotive brake pads, ceramics, polymer building blocks and more.

Hansen Engineering is able to screen dry down to 80 mesh with our vibratory screeners.

We are able to package a wide variety of materials into 50 lb. paper bags and 1 ton superbags.

Hansen Engineering is also able to dry, screen, sort, blend and package a wide array of materials. Please read more about our drying abilities at Calcining.

Processing High Energy Vibrator
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